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All trade with third countries, countries outside the EU, requires some form of customs handling. All from declarations and documentation to customs warehousing etc. – we help you meet the requirements from authorities and other stakeholders.

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Why Customs Management and Certain Details are Important

Customs management is a critical part of international trade. When importing or exporting goods, they must undergo inspection by customs authorities. Proper management of this ensures that your goods reach their destination legally and efficiently.

Customs Warehouse: A Flexible Solution

A customs warehouse at TCT allows you to store your goods tax- and duty-free until they need to be moved. This is particularly useful for companies dealing with international transport of various goods. Our customs warehouses are secure and provide flexibility in your logistics chain.

Declare Correctly and Efficiently at Customs

Correctly declaring your goods according to customs requirements is crucial. Our team ensures that all necessary details are included in your customs declaration. This minimizes the risk of delays and other additional costs for the goods.

Import and Export: Simple and Transparent Processes

Import and export can be complex, but with TCT, the process becomes simpler. We handle all aspects of the customs process, such as creating an import declaration to managing export documents according to the correct regulations.

Goods Declaration: Precision and Competence

Each goods declaration is handled with the utmost precision to ensure that all information is accurate and meets the requirements of customs authorities. Our experienced staff is well-trained in identifying and including all relevant details, from the origin of the goods to their customs classification. Through this precision, we reduce the risk of delays and costly mistakes, contributing to a smoother and more efficient transportation process for your goods.


How does customs clearance work?

Customs clearance involves declaring your goods to the customs authorities, which includes providing necessary documents and paying any customs duties. This process is critical to ensure that the goods meet all legal requirements and regulations, preventing unnecessary delays and additional costs.

What happens after customs clearance?

After successful customs clearance, your goods are released for further transport or placed in our customs warehouse. This means that your goods are ready to be either distributed directly to the final destination or stored safely until they need to be moved further, giving you increased flexibility in your distribution chain.

What is a customs warehouse?

A customs warehouse is a place where imported goods can be stored duty-free until they need to be used or exported. This is an ideal solution for companies that need time to arrange further sales or distribution of the goods without paying immediate customs duties.

Why have a customs warehouse?

Customs warehouses are used to defer the payment of customs duties and to give businesses flexibility in managing their international shipments. This can also be advantageous for companies waiting for necessary permits or documentation for their goods.

How long can goods stay in a customs warehouse?

There is no strict time limit for how long goods can stay in a customs warehouse, but different rules may apply depending on the nature of the goods. It is important to stay updated with relevant legislation to avoid any potential problems or additional fees.

What details must always be included in a goods declaration?

Some details that should be included are the description of the goods, value, country of origin, and customs classification. These details are necessary for the customs authorities to properly assess the goods and determine any customs duties.

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