About us

TCT is a modern, international transportation company offering solutions for all transports. The company is 29 years old and has 11 employees with the aim set for one and the same thing: to make everything work.


Our vision is to deliver shipments of the highest class for the needs of the market. The vision is achieved through continuous development work, knowledgeable staff and a wide network.


Our mission is to handle all shipments for existing as well as new customers. This mission is achieved through flexible solutions, availability and personal service.

Our focus on the environment

We care about the environment and continuously drive development work for more eco-friendly transports. As a proof of this, we are ISO certified for both quality and environment.

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How we work

With our efficient IT systems and our competent staff, we provide smart solutions for our customers’ needs. We do this every day with both joy and dedication.

Service beyond normal, rapid
response and customized solutions.

What can we help you with?